No authorization is required in cases where private sewers were built prior to the transfer of ownership of a sewerage company. Under these conditions, safety is ensured for an owner whose property was built before the transfer of sewers from a private channel to a public channel, in conjunction with the legal undertaker`s obligations to repair the damage suffered. Damage to the building or extension may occur if: During and after construction, a building control centre must generally certify that the work complies with national building standards (in h4 building code). The developer may choose to use a Local Authority Building Control (LABC) or an independent certified inspector for this assessment. If we agree that you can build public sewers, be sure to provide sufficient access points to the canal concerned (wells and break-in points). Ideally, buildings and extensions should not be housed where they would remove an existing access point. If this is not feasible, we can accept the transfer of an access point outside of the proposed evolution. The control of the buildings will therefore require both details of the proposal and a copy of the construction contract submitted by the sanitation authority. It depends on the individual situation, but for a construction application via a public sewer, you will probably need this: third, the risk of damage to the building due to a sewer failure is not excessive if you take into account: each building control centre working under our “protocol” will indicate all cases where we will need an over-construction agreement for further investigations. In certain circumstances, we may issue a retroactive construction agreement if the work has already been done above or near a public sewer. This is only exceptionally the reason. The housing recidivism situation and the lack of building permits appear to be insurance for compensation. However, as commercial real estate lawyers know, insurance is much more expensive when it comes to commercial real estate.

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