(c) The implementation of the project agreement is considered a contractual obligation of the federal government after 23 U.S.C 106 and assumes that at the time of approval of the agreed federal quota, either pro-rata or lump sum, adequate resources are available for work eligible for the state, except as follows: Section 630.104 A. Section 630.104 (b) would be combined with section 630.104 (c) to make a new one. 630.104 (b) to avoid the need for cross-referral projects funded by FHWA funds under separate regulations. (d) THE STD may use an electronic version of the agreement, as provided for by the FHWA; (a) This regulation applies to all federal aid projects, unless it is expressly excluded. Section 630.106 is revised to reflect the need for a project agreement before approval for project implementation can be granted. Sometimes, some special projects may have clear licensing requirements prior to federal government engagement. A project agreement would therefore be used to authorize the implementation of special projects and would not be interpreted in such a way as to establish, in any way, a commitment by the federal party to provide federal funds to the part of the business that is not fully funded by the agreement. In this section, many of the basic principles set out in the existing provisions of p. 630.106 would be maintained. The discussion that follows deals with the proposal of P. 630.106, according to one paragraph. FHWA wishes to update and amend the existing regulations to incorporate the necessary amendments to reflect the adaptations of sections 1304 and 1305 of AME-21, Public Law 105-178, 112 Stat.107, to incorporate the project agreement and provisions into the work authorization and to maintain the existing versatility in its use.

The proposed changes are explained in the next section. Under the Documentwork Reduction Act of 1995 (PRA) (44 U.C 3501, and seq.), federal authorities must obtain authorization from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for each collection of information they implement, sponsor or request through regulation. FHWA found that this proposal included the collection of information for the purposes of the PRA. The requirements for the collection of information relating to the current provisions of the project agreement form are covered by a currently approved collection of information entitled “Preparing and implementing the project agreement and amendings.” This collection is covered by the OMB registration number.