Example: You have a monthly lease and want August 31 to be your termination date. Since then, you must communicate them to your landlord at least 60 days in advance, i.e. no later than July 2. If you send it by email, you must email it by June 27. EXCEPTION FOR FEBRUARY: You can cancel just under 60 days in advance if February is one of the months in your notice. If you want to move on the last day of February, you have until January 1 to let your landlord know. And if you want to move on March 31, you have until February 1 to give the message to your landlord. While a lease may work for some, it is not for those who do not intend to stay until the end of the lease. With the conclusion of the tenancy agreement, the tenant is responsible for paying the rent until the end of the tenancy agreement. If you want to buy a property before the end of the lease, you are responsible for the rent, whether you are in the apartment or not. If you rent month by month, you have the freedom to get out of your rental agreement quickly by providing enough information to your landlord.

But on the other hand, your landlord can take you off just as quickly. The main advantage for tenants with a monthly lease is that they have much more flexibility when they choose to move. A tenant with a monthly tenancy agreement must cancel only 60 days in advance before departure. In comparison, tenants under a lease agreement would be responsible for paying the entire term of the lease, even if they wished to move earlier. In the case of a monthly lease, your termination date must be the last day of a rental period. As a general rule, this is the day before the rent is due. Leases usually include a 12-month bond, both on your side and on your side. However, once you have reached this 12-month mark, you are considered a “month-to-month” tenant, unless you enter into an entirely new tenancy agreement.

If you sign an initial 12-month lease, you will probably find provisions in the contract that stipulate that you are required to pay the rent every month until the lease expires. Until then, you can`t break the lease prematurely without expecting a few penalties. If you are a good tenant, your landlord will appreciate and probably want you to stay. If you want where you are and you are satisfied with the current agreement, you should consider moving to a 12-month lease, your landlord will probably be open. Example 1: You have a monthly rent starting on the 15th of each month, the day your rent is due. The termination date must therefore be the 14th day of a month. That`s not all, but you may feel sadly disappointed if you really like this place and plan to stay long term. However, you can still renegotiate another 12-month lease (or longer contract) if this is the case.

If you rent until the month, you must notify your landlord at least 60 days before the termination date.