A) Yes GPA is valid for the execution of the A. Dear GPA customer is required for the execution of the sale deed.gentily try to get the GPA with the presence of owner 1. Find out if the original supplier is alive or not. If the seller is not alive, you can challenge the seller`s legal heirs and ask them to execute the deed of sale for the benefit of the employee welfare company instead of the original seller`s contract cum GPA. 2. An action that asks the seller or his legal heir, depending on the case, the execution of the sales file, can be filed if they refuse to do so of their own person. 4) In Suraj Lamp and Private Industries Limited v. State of Haryana, 183 (2011) DLT 1 (SC), the Supreme Court ruled that general Power of Attorney did not give title or interest to real estate, except to the extent of the limited rights granted under Section 53A of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882 and Section 202 of the Contract Act, 1872. The Supreme Court has ruled that transactions with the general power cannot be treated as a complete transfer, but they can be treated as an existing sales agreement, and the right holder may perform the act of promotion in the exercise of the jurisdiction granted 1) the sale agreement cannot arbitrate the right. Sales leg transfers right, title on the day of registration.

Adv Dr Katta Vijayawada A. The GPA is valid for the sales contract, but you should calculate this risk in your head. For details pl. Contact a lawyer by vidhikarya.com sale agreement with GPA with property funds, there is a promise to sell, but the possession is open, but the GPA cum sale means that the sale status itself has been registered. Sale agreement with GPA means guarantee to sale with property to be given after the fact, where the sale cum general attorney means deed of sale 3) In Harbans Singh v. Shanti Devi, 1977 RLR 487, the seller had executed an agreement to sell for the benefit of the buyer and the general power of attorney in favor of her husband. The general power was described as irrevocable and allowed the lawyer to resell the subject. The seller then terminated the agreement for the sale and all other documents, including the general power of attorney. The Tribunal found that the general power was irrevocable, which was challenged in the appeal process to the Court of Justice.

The Division of the Court found that the general power had been executed against a valuable consideration and that the agent had an interest in the property and that, therefore, the general power was irrevocable. 1. If the AMP does not contain the power to carry out the deed of sale, the product can only be exported by the original seller or by his legal heirs who must be traced. A) No sale of real estate on proxy: Supreme Court Property Sale by the current general proxy (AMP) practice will not confer any property rights on the buyer. In a pioneering decision aimed at shaken up a large number of homeowners, the Supreme Court found that the GPA method of selling real estate is not a valid form of property transfer.