A condo represents unique risks in every circumstance. Most condo plates provide the basic building, but as a condo owner, you need to protect your business, value your unit and cover the gaps that condominium insurance may have. Each condo contract will have different requirements and our brokers can ensure that you will get the right protection for your circumstances. I got windy for shingle damage on my roof. I have never seen a presenter. She lost emails and photos, took weeks to answer phone calls or emails. I had to convince a contractor to assess the damage, and then it was refused. I still hadn`t seen a presenter, so it was amazing that they could reject an assertion they had never seen. It took nine months to reach an agreement. My contractor was willing to give up on me.

I have never seen the presenter through this whole ordeal. Never again. Auto insurance in Saskatchewan is different from most other provinces. To drive legally, you usually only need valid drive insurance, offered by the SGI Auto Fund; But did you know that your record cover alone can put you in danger? Plaque coverage offers only $200,000 in liability coverage, and this amount has not been increased in decades. This means that in the event of a serious claim, you may be held responsible for any differences in costs. The discs also come with a $700 deduction on claims, which means you pay the first $700 in damages. This business is very difficult to work with. Nothing but problems from day one! Please go a favor and run away from this company. I have nothing good to say about this business. After our house burns down and you lose everything, we`re devastated, we lose everything, and SGI has caused nothing but pain. I just want to keep going and forget the fire and live my life at home as fast as I can. SGI has no compassion for families.

Work very slowly and fire people who hire them when they like what they see. Very poorly managed. They`ll never use them again. With a little luck, you will ride not only with a new license plate and an insurance office registration slip, but also with a full parcel policy with many additional features that are not included in the basic insurance. So you just concluded the agreement on your brand new car by the dealer. Now you are sent to the engine license transmitter to get a plate and a record so you can go home. But before you do, you should probably consider all your options for insurance… Your basic insurance on your license plate and SGI registration covers your vehicle for all property damage and a basic liability amount. For some, it`s enough coverage. But for most of the others, they`ll want a little more.

Here are some helpful tips for knowing what and what it brings you if you see your realtor: Run away from SGI Home Insurance! I tried to claim water damage and broken windows and doors because of the break. Every new thing that has been found (as usually happens, you see more damage as you walk) has been filed as a “new” claim (even though they are all related to the same incidents). They just want to have more deductibles. For the water damage, they didn`t send a recruiter on my proposal, I said I could hire a plumber or a house inspector to see where the water damage came from (because it wasn`t obvious at all).