Thank you for your service and concern for the citizens of Utah, you are an integral part of an excellent health care system. If you have any questions about your DOSA or noc, please call DOPL at 801-530-6628 or email Medical services may be provided if they are provided within the competences and competences of the PA, in the usual field of activity of the nursing physician and under the authority of a physician and in accordance with a service delegation agreement. Utah Code Ann. §58-70a-501 (1) The 2018 Utah General Legislative Session passed SB 68 amending the Vital Statistics Act to include Physician Assistant in the definition of “Health Care Professional.” A requirement has been added to the law that the PA must follow an educational program on the completion of a death certificate developed by the administrative provisions of the Ministry of Health. This will be very useful for practitioners in rural areas where providers are limited. To learn more about the Utah Department of Health Office of Vital Records, your website is: This change allows for a more independent relationship between the attending physician and the medical assistant. The Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL) has made the necessary amendments to the Physical Assistance Practices Act R156-70a and the delegation of the service agreement between the physician and the medical assistant. The updated dosa alert and modification form is available on the DOPL PA website: The DOSA does not need to be sent to DOPL, it must be maintained on site. The NOC must be sent to DOPL. An AP may prescribe drugs and controlled substances in accordance with a service transfer agreement.

Utah Code Ann. §58-70a-501 (2) A dental hygienist may treat patients in certain public health settings, in accordance with a written agreement with a dentist. Appropriate service providers are all general surveillance prevention functions in the field of activity of a dental hygienist. Utah Code §58-69-801 Dentists may use live video and store and forward technologies to provide telede dentistry services. The standard of dental care offered by a licensed dentist by tele dentist is the same as for services provided in a traditional physical environment. A dentist should not perform a dental examination by tele-dentist if the standard of treatment requires a traditional dental examination. Utah Code Ann. § 58-69-802 and Utah Code Ann. § 58-69-807. (Entered into force recently. (b) the agreement defines the employment relationship and the delegation of tasks between the nursing physician and the medical assistant in accordance with the rule of division and includes: (2) (a) “delegation of services agreement”, written criteria drawn up jointly by the nursing physician and the assistant assistants assistant to a medical assistant and the medical assistant, which authorise a medical assistant; Work under the direction or verification of the attending physician to help treat frequent illnesses and injuries….