Ricoh Global Services offers comprehensive global and local management and support through our network of direct distribution and support channels and employs more than 30,000 service delivery experts in 200 countries and territories. To ensure a consistent approach, we insert a Single Point of Contact responsible for all your questions. Ricoh can provide both local and global account management support. We focus on fully integrated end-to-end solutions, not just hardware. We strive to build long-term partnerships with our customers that will help you work smarter. We strive to constantly improve, co-innovate and co-create with our clients in order to create real and practical ideas that change the workplace and provide the best experience for you and your customers. On this page, you will find the terms and conditions for the provision of services by companies associated with Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (the “UL Parties”) in accordance with the Global Services Agreement (“GSA”). Every service contract consists of three elements: for us, the challenges of digital jobs are not limited to one company or sector. All organizations want satisfied customers, dedicated employees and more profits. At the same time, the safety and efficiency of a global operation are considered priorities. At Ricoh, we address the same issues, which is why we feel well positioned to help your business meet these challenges.

You can also access our visiting agreements that you must follow when visiting one of our global establishments or offices. These agreements have been designed to protect the privacy of all our customers and ensure the security of our customers. The business world is increasingly global and requires improved 24/7 connectivity. While this brings many benefits to your organization and employees, it also creates several issues, especially from a security perspective, as several different personal systems and devices are used to access your corporate network if you adopt new ways of working such as BYOD. *For the purposes of this Agreement, a component is a component of any apparatus that is a component of an electrical product or other electrical component. We offer competent services and customized solutions that will help you bring your product to market while ensuring compliance and safety. In addition to our global global service agreement, there are additional terms that apply to certain services….